Does your SwimEx therapy pool need a little TLC?

SwimEx Services

SwimEx Pool Services

Vonco has over 15 years of experience selling, installing, and servicing the SwimEx brand of Therapy Pools. The complex mechanical configuration of a SwimEx Laminar Flow Pool requires ongoing maintenance to keep the pool in top operational condition. A pool of this nature can operate at full potential for 10 years or more provided that proper maintenance is regularly performed on the pool. Vonco has put together a variety of packages designed to cover the various maintenance issues that will arise over the life of a SwimEx Pool.

Standard Maintenance Package

  • Examine and lubricate paddlewheel bearings
  • Examine and renew (as needed) Transaxle box fluid (fluid cost is extra)
  • Tighten all axle bolts and rings
  • Examine and repair all AC Tech wiring
  • Examine and repair all Air switch hoses (additional cost if parts are needed)
  • Examine pool tub for leaks and report findings to the customer for additional repair estimate

Standard Cosmetic Package

  • Complete acid wash of pool tub
  • Removal and replacement of all cosmetic caulk in joints and windows
  • Re-gel coat all colored work stations in pool
  • Clean and coat all stainless steel hardware
  • Minor gel coat touch up

Deluxe Package

  • Includes Standard Maintenance Package and Standard Cosmetic Package
  • Pool Refurbish Package
  • Complete Pool Gel Coat (this requires significant down time for the pool operation)

We are committed to the highest levels of service, and take great pride in the continued operation of SwimEx Therapy Pools in the Southwest United States!

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