Is your medical equipment feeling under the weather?

Equipment Repair

Vonco has been selling the highest quality of pre-owned equipment worldwide for over 20 years. To achieve this high quality, Vonco has developed a product refurbishment department with the expertise and resources to bring virtually any product up to original working condition. Vonco proudly supports its own warranty on previously owned equipment as a result of this high quality.

These services are available to our customer base as repair or refurbishment service on your equipment. Our services are available with the following rate schedule:

$110.00 Service Evaluation – Check the equipment out and develop a repair quote for the customer. If the repair is authorized the fee is applied to the labor cost of the repair.

$110.00/hr Basic Labor – This rate applies to a standard mechanical repair. An estimate of the time it will take to accomplish the repair will be included in the repair quote. Adjustments are made on the final bill.

$125.00/hour Advanced Labor – This rate applies to repairs requiring detailed electrical, electronic, and computer programming services. If this type of repair is anticipated it will be noted on the repair estimate. Adjustments are made on the final bill.

If it is applicable, in a house repair a courtesy Biomed test will be included free of charge for the repaired equipment. Vonco will test the unit and verify it meets requirements, and a Vonco Biomed label will be affixed to the repaired equipment

Our service department is dedicated to the highest level of repair/refurbishment quality, and stands behind the product with the Vonco Warranty

Contact the service department today for details on how to get your used equipment repaired and back in service.

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