Refurbished Used SwimEx 600T Aquatic Therapy Pool


Refurbished Used SwimEx 600T Aquatic Therapy Pool



The SwimEx 600 T Therapy Pool is a multi-depth pool, adjustable to depths of 48 and 60 inches (122cm and 152cm). It features eight distinct workout stations including plyometric pads, open closed kinetic exercise benches and steps, and an angled running platform. The treadmill simulator (40-degree angled pad) allows the patient to begin running in a limited weight-bearing environment and the adjustable floor allows the physical therapist to gradually increase weight-bearing activities.

A four-piece design allows the 600 T pool to be installed in existing spaces with tight entry. Pre-assembly at the factory is an option.

The 600 T physical therapy pool circulates up to 30,000 gallons of laminar water flow per minute (113,562 lpm), creating a wall of water with over 99 speeds. The SwimEx water current creates an ideal environment for strength training and functional activities during all phases of a rehabilitation program. Six tethering ports allow the physical therapist to lock in a patient during non-weight-bearing protocols.

Add the SPT Underwater Treadmill or other water exercise equipment to further enhance the versatility of the pool. The 600 T can also be used as a swim-in-place pool.

The 700 T model is similar to the 600 T, except that it has deep water well options.


Four-Piece fiberglass composite pool construction
Commercial filtration system – 1-hp pump, 5.5-kw heater, 320-square foot (29.7 square meters) filter
Equalization Skimmer
Recessed steps with stainless steel rails
Stainless steel handrails
Remote control pool control
Air operated swimmer controls (stop/start & fast/slow)
Rear emergency shut-off bar
Non-skid floor surface
Six built-in tethering ports
Electronic controller – converts 208-240v single phase to 3 phase
Stainless steel electropolished front and rear grates
7.5-hp electric motor with paddle wheel drive system
Thermal blanket (cover)
Start-up chemicals and water test kit
Annual Maintenance Kit
Swimometer™ – water speed display and programmable timer
Four underwater observation windows
Two stainless steel front handrails
Royal blue ceramic waterline tiles
Treadmill simulator (40 degree angled pad) for stationary running
Eight colored workout stations built-in around perimeter of pool
12-inch (30.5cm) floor inserts (48-inch (122cm) depth) with removable pole
Gift Certificate for water accessories
On-site Personal Educational In-service


Pool Size: 7’8” x 17’7” x 5’10” (2.34m x 5.36m x 1.78m)
Pit Size: 12’ x 20’ x 5’10” (3.66m x 6.1m x 1.78m)
Pool Weight with equipment: 3,500 lbs (1,587kg)
Pool Volume: 3200 gal (12,112 l)
Pool Filled Weight: 31,000 lbs (14,061kg)
Load Bearing: 460lbs sq.ft. (2245 kg/m2)

Factory assembly and shrink wrap
Two-foot (61cm) extension to lengthen the pool (may get up to three)
Eight-piece multi-section design for access into tight areas
Natural gas water heater
Propane gas water heater
Ozonator – chemical-reduced water purification system decreases your need for chemicals by up to 80%
Underwater lights
Color tile other than royal blue
Custom team logo tile
Team logo on deep well cover (700T)
Hydrotherapy massage jets – three on each side
Video camera system with monitor
Water massage wand
Removable stainless steel stabilization bar

From Supplies to Capital Equipment, there is a little of everything in our new 44 page catalog. Available in PDF for quick view online.