Cybex Bravo All-in-One


Cybex Bravo All-in-One


Functional Training with hundreds of movements in a single space-efficient machine. Users no longer have to make a choice between workloads high enough to build strength and free-form patterns of movement that train for real-world applications – like golf or tennis. The Bravo delivers both for faster fitness results.


The Bravo functional trainer and Bravo Press feature the patent pending Progressive Stabilization system, which is a pad that adjusts for height and horizontal position. The system offers maximum support—like selectorized equipment—or free standing, similar to most functional trainers. The Bravo Pull also offers the technology with height adjustment. Simply put, Progressive Stabilization gives users a greater variety of training options than other cable machines.

As far as results are concerned, Progressive Stabilization delivers what users want: faster, safer strength. Compared to other free-standing machines, the system offers:

a 212% increase in load capacity,
184% increase in core activation,
and a 38% greater strength gain*.
The Bravo functional trainer includes the Advanced Cable Adjustment system, which lets users control the height and width between the cables’ origin. This means the direction of resistance can be completely controlled. Welcome to a new level of versatility and almost endless training possibilities.

The Bravo Lift features Free Start technology, which allows users to select the desired starting height and to get to it with minimal load, thus getting into the correct start position before the weight is engaged.

The integrated chinup bar’s multiple grip options targets different movements and muscles.

Grips, straps, and bars are available to produce an almost unlimited array of exercises and functional applications.

Two weight stacks allow for fully independent motion and asymmetrical loads for single users, or individual stations for two users.

* “Effect of Horizontal Support on Abdominal Muscle Activation and Load During a Vertical Chest Press Exercise on a Dual Adjustable Pulley Apparatus,” D.S. Peckinpaugh, C.T. Guzell, Department of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2009.

Designed specifically for use with the Bravo Functional Training series to provide even greater training possibilities, the Utility Bench allows users to perform a variety of movements from the seated position either with or without the Progressive Stabilization pad.


Product Number: 8800 Compact
8810 Tall
8830 Compact Light
8830 Compact Heavy
8840 Tall Light
8840 Tall Heavy

Dimensions Compact (L x W x H): 45″ x 54″ x 77″
(114 cm x 137 cm x 196 cm)

Dimensions Tall (L x W x H): 45″ x 54″ x 87″
(114 cm x 137 cm x 221 cm)

Machine Weight:
8800 Compact: 866 lbs (393 kg)
8810 Tall: 901 lbs (407 kg)
8830 Compact Light: 874 lbs (396 kg)
8830 Compact Heavy: 1184 lbs (537 kg)
8840 Tall Light: 907 lbs (411 kg)
8840 Tall Heavy: 1217 lbs (552 KG)

Weight Stack:
8800 Compact: 170 lbs (77 kg)
8810 Tall: 170 lbs (77 kg)
8830 Compact Light: 170 lbs (77 kg)
8830 Compact Heavy: 325 lbs (147 kg)
8840 Tall Light: 170 lbs (77 kg)
8840 Tall Heavy: 325 lbs (147 kg)

Cable Travel:
8800 Compact: 79″ (200 cm)
8810 Tall: 79″ (200 cm)
8830 Compact Light: 110″ (279 cm)
8830 Compact Heavy: 110″ (279 cm)
8840 Tall Light: 110″ (279 cm)
8840 Tall Heavy: 110″ (279 cm)

Maximum Effective Load:
8800 Compact: 85 lbs (39 kg) maximum per side
8810 Tall: 85 lbs (39 kg) maximum per side
8830 Compact Light: 42.5 lbs (19.7 kg)
8830 Compact Heavy: 82.15 lbs (36.6 kg)
8840 Tall Light: 42.5 lbs (19.7 kg)
8840 Tall Heavy: 82.15 lbs (36.6 kg)

Minimum Effective Load:
8800 Compact: 5 lbs (2.25 kg) per plate
8810 Tall: 5 lbs (2.25 kg) per plate
8830 Compact Light: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)
8830 Compact Heavy: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)
8840 Tall Light: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)
8840 Tall Heavy: 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)

Lifting ratio:
8800 Compact: 2:1
8810 Tall: 2:1
8830 Compact Light: 4:1
8830 Compact Heavy: 4:1
8840 Tall Light: 4:1
8840 Tall Heavy: 4:1

Cable Position Adjustment: Vertical: 19 positons with 3″ spacing
Rotation: 315 degrees detented every 45 degrees
Minimum Cable width: 15″ (38 cm)
Maximum Cable width: 58″ (147 cm)

Stabilization Assembly: 10 height positions; 9 fore/aft positions in 2″ (5 cm) increments

Standard Accessories: 2 strap handles, 2 mult-length strap extensions, ankle cuff, rotating arm bar, triceps rope, lat pull bar

Color: Available in 5 standard or a virtually unlimited variety of custom frame colors

Product No.: 8820 (Utility Bench – optional)

Dimensions L x W x H: 21″ x 16″ x 16″ (54 cm x 39cm x 42 cm)

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