Used Pre-owned Mettler Sys*Stim 240 2-Channel E-Stim


U-me 240


* Touch Screen Color Display
* M-Wheel Parameter Navigation
* 9 Waveforms: Interferential, Pre-Modulation, Russian (Medium Frequency), Biphasic w/ Adjustable Phase Duration & Frequency, Hi-Volt, Microcurrent, TENS Symmetrical Biphasic, TENS Symmetrical Biphasic & DC Low Aplitute
* Treatment Modes: Surge, Reciprocation, Surge w/ Rotation & Vector Rotation
* Two Timer Modes
* Translated into 8 Languages
* Laser/ Light Therapy Software Included
* (80 mW 785 nm Laser Diode & 500mW 660/950 nm Light Cluster Head PURCHASED SEPARATELY

Models & Ordering

U-me 240

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