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Valir Health Launches Concussion Management Program

By Vonco Medical

Stan Von Strohe, Vonco Medical

One of our customers Valir Health has teamed up with local schools in Oklahoma to help provide sports trainers with the tool they need to help better screen athletes both before and after a concussion occur. In the video you will hear some amazing statistics regarding the prevalence of concussions in middle and high school sports – with more than 50% of all athletes experiencing at least one concussion by the time they graduate high school. The most startling statistic however, is that nearly 41% of these athletes return to play too soon, which can become a major health hazard for the athlete. Utilizing the Biodex Balance System they are now able to provide athletes, coaches and families with a benchmark for the athletes balance before a concussion and with that data have better information for knowing when an athlete is ready to return to the field.

You can watch the video here:


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