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Short on Space?

By Vonco Medical

If you are like most physical therapy clinics one of the biggest obstacles that you face is finding more room to provide your patients with the equipment they need to get back to living happier, healthy lives. Vonco Medical takes pride in working with physical therapy clinics, nursing homes and other facilities to ensure that they have access to the leading equipment in the industry today. More importantly, our years of experience have enabled us to help clinics better optimize their space so that they have the room to do what they do best!

As a leading provider of the entire Endorphin lineup of physical therapy and rehabilitation products, we want  to make sure you are aware of space saving techniques brought to you by the manufacturer. Customers utilizing the Endorphin 390 pulleys can place the pulleys at a 120 degree angle, this space saving technique allows two patients to use the double pulley at the same time (with lat boom). This technique works very well with clinics with narrow space plans.

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