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UFC Fighter Anderson Silva Back in the Ring

By Vonco Medical

Thanks to his sheer dedication and fight to get back in the ring (along with a little help from the Biodex System 4) a metal rod was inserted down the length of Silva’s tibia. Less than a year later Anderson is ready to start fighting again. The Biodex System 4 dynamometer is the most popular and advanced dynamometer in the world. As was seen in the rehabilitation efforts of Anderson Silva, the Biodex System 4 helps rehab professionals and their patients obtain consistent, accurate and objective data that can be used to help modify treatment and track the patient’s overall progress. The Biodex System 4’s progressive and interactive features help ensure complete control throughout the rehabilitative process. The System 4 enables the following modes:

  • Isokenetic Resistance Mode
  • Reactive Eccentric Mode
  • Passive Motion Mode
  • Isometric Mode
  • Isotonic Mode

For more information about the Biodex System 4 visit our website at to learn more.

For those who do not have a weak stomach watch the video that led Anderson Silva to working with the Biodex System 4 here:

The image used in this post is accredited to: Daniel Gonçalves / Personal Archive / Press Release



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