Offering Guidance, Support & Education

Saving Health Care

With the recent changes in the healthcare industry, Vonco Medical has become a unique place to help health care professionals learn to grow their practice at considerable savings. Vonco is one of the largest independent dealers specializing in new and preowned physical therapy and medical equipment. Start-up facilities have benefited from Vonco’s vast experience in the industry since 1992.

A combination of discussing the functional clinic layout based on desired areas of specialty and the advantage of offering competitively priced new equipment along with affordable pre-owned equipment, gives our customers the opportunity to be successful in today’s changing healthcare industry. Existing clinics and those with plans to expand their practice also take advantage of Vonco’s trade-in program to help stretch working capital.

It is a smart, financial business decision to contact Vonco with all your physical therapy, medical, and fitness equipment needs. When purchasing items such as the Biodex Multi-Joint, Biodex SD Balance, and SwimEx pools, Vonco offers in-service evaluations at your facility. Vonco also offers seminars to further educate therapists and to provide them CEUs for license renewals.

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From Supplies to Capital Equipment, there is a little of everything in our new 44 page catalog. Available in PDF for quick view online.